Jeugdkoor Waelrant

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The Waelrant Youthchoir (Borgerhout, Antwerp - Belgium), member of the VZW Waelrantkoren, was founded in 1968 by Juul Vanderoost. From 1994 the choir has been led by Marleen De Boo. During the last years the choir participated with great results in several festivals and competitions at home and abroad. In 2010 en 2012 they obtained “First Prize cum Laude” in the highest division (Pennant) of the European Youth Music Festival in Neerpelt. Since 2007, the choir sings in the honorary division of the provincial competitions. This was reaffirmed in March 2011 and March 2015, the last time with "summa cum laude with congratulations of the Jury" (the highest possible score). During the last two editions of "Choir of the Year (2008 and 2011) Waelrant Youthchoir reached the finals. In this context the choir was awarded with the “Prize of the audience” and the “Klara/Canvas Prize” (national Radio and TV). The past summers the choir sang in choir competitions in Gorizia-Italy (2009), where they received the prize of best youthchoir, and in Bratislava-Slovakia (2011), where they won two golden and one silver medals. In 2014 the choir took part in a Youth Music Competition in Bydgoszcz-Poland, where they obtained the prize of the ministry of culture. They performed already three summers in France, Briançon (2012 and 2015) and Vaison la Romaine (2013). The choir offers its members a good vocal training. All genres and styles are included in the program in order to broaden the youngsters’ musical development as widely as possible. This includes Flemish contemporary choir music. Waelrant Youthchoir is an open and warm group of young people, eager to learn and always willing to explore new things. The friendship between the singers clearly contributes to the success of the choir.

Hubertus Waelrant (c. 1517 – 19 November 1595) was a Flemish composer, teacher, and music editor who lived and worked most of his life in Antwerp. He lies buried in the Cathedral of Antwerp.